The Misfits made a horror out of Punk Rock!

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So today my colleague Sherrie Sea (who as it must be said does more for this site than I ever fucking have) says to me “Hey around Halloween The Misfits are playing at a local haunted house, we should make it a Killyourscene event!” and of course unbeknownst to her sweet little heart reopened a wound on my still beating punk rock heart. So of course I then made some sort of rude elitist dick-sneeze of a comment and to which she replied “Fuck you I was just trying to do something fun for this piece of shit site” as such is our working relationship. Now out of this quick fleeting funny convo came to me two thoughts. The first was “Piece of shit site” truer words have never been spoken. The second was just hearing the name “The Misfits” just the name of the band on instinct sends a flash of punk rock lore and history that is almost unmatched in the genre. Memories as a young child of watching a shitty black and white VHS tape of early a 1980’s live Halloween performance with Glen Danzig adorned with running skeletal face-paint and something that looked like the tattered remnants of a dollar store skeleton costume. Jerry Only’s Devil lock hairstyle firmly in place as he pounded away on his bass as if beating some hobo to death in a back alley. The out of tune guitars, the sheer speed, the crowd, the way Danzig ran back and forth across the stage, lurching over the teaming audience as if the devil himself giving speech to his congregation. My young still growing mind thought immediately “THIS IS THE GREATEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN”

The Misfits, taking their name from Marilyn Monroe’s final film of the same name were one of the founding members of punk rock they also created a whole subculture of punk known as “Horror Punk” in which they blend the furious tendencies of punk with classic horror movie inspired themes. This was during a time in punk when it wasn’t necessarily about the musical talent, it was about the energy and The Misfits had an energetic stage presence that was rarely seen at the time and not at all today.  The Misfits were the personification of punk rock.

Now fast forward to 2012 after years of an ever changing lineup including the exit of frontman Glen Danzig in 1983 after realizing that he in fact wasn’t a supernatural being sent from hell, or something like that we are left with something of an enigma. Today we see Jerry Only on bass but also as the lead singer, Eric “Chupacabra” Arce formerly of Murphy’s Law on drums and Dez Cadena, former guitarist of Black Flag. This brings me back full circle to Sherries innocent and ultimately great idea but also part of this idea reverberates throughout my mind “Hey Lets go see The Misfits!” And all I can think is “GOD DAMN IT, THAT IS NOT THE GOD DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING MISFITS” Not the band I grew up with. The energy is not there, Crazy assed Danzig is not there. I know things change, bands change I know this. I do not expect everything to stay the same. But do not toss together a few aging punk rock relics together, package them up with leather and a mass amount of hair-gel and call them “The Misfits” I would have absolutely no problem seeing this “Band” if its sole intention wasn’t to play on the lore and love of a band that does not exist, that is Long dead and has been for quite some time.  And before you even fucking say it NO I’m not just one of these people who have to label everything but what I am is someone who sees things for what they are. I see The Misfits official website which includes its “Fiend Store” with Misfits ipod covers, Misfits mouse pad, Misfits blankets and Misfits cinch bags. Like I said, I like to see things for what they are and furthermore for what they are worth and so it would seem my punk rock memories, my “Misfits” are worth a trip to their cinderblock online store and $31.50 plus tax for a piece of shit pleather Misfits  wrist watch. So that being said, join us at our Event  meet some staff members, get molestered in the haunted houses, rock out to “The Misfits” and see me off in the corner somewhere crying for my lost youth.

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2 responses to The Misfits made a horror out of Punk Rock!

  1. Our last two posts are about some of our favorite bands fucking us. Seriously let’s stop being so god damn depressing around here.

  2. Dr B

    First off, I saw the Misfits in their last show at CBGBs in 2006 or so. I know, the lineup isn’t the same. No Danzig, etc. Still, it was a fun show. Credit where it is due.

    Second, you make the extremely valid point of the lack of “energy” in bands these days. It’s like for the last 15-20 years they’ve been aiming for mediocrity and missing that point. At least, no matter how shitty, the old bands strived for greatness. So few have any balls any more.

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