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What better photo of myself to use than one of me sitting at the mecca of all things commercial and pop culture?  No, I am not from New York City.  I shouldn’t fear anyone would assume that based on a photo of me in Times Square; nothing screams “tourist” more than such a stock photo.  I have been accused of being counter cultural and may have even affixed that label to myself, but what culture are we talking about?  For better or worse, I cannot be restrained to any culture I find myself a part of.  I actively try to combat what I do not like about the scene.  I’m like Season 1 of “Fresh Prince” (for a more upsetting reference, see failed sitcom “Under One Roof” starring Flavor Flav).  I’m like those looks Jim gives to the camera on “The Office” (for a more dated reference, see “Wayne’s World”).  I’m a fan of Rick Ross.  I can’t recite any of his lyrics, but I love his work as a correction’s officer.  Buffalo, New York, college, work, newborn, wife, house, debt, teach, wash, rinse, repeat.

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  1. My staff photo is located in central park, and I reside in Buffalo. This seems to be a trend on the site haha! Keep on Keepin on’

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