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I was born in Buffalo, NY to two very fine people who did everything they could to give me a good life, and helped to ruin it for me in my teenage years. One of my best friends met his wife at a school dance that I couldn’t go to because ‘there will be girls there’. That’s not to say I don’t love my parents; I do very much, after a fashion. Growing up a pastor’s kid and seeing your mom’s best friend die of cancer and the same day she dies the church that your dad pastors says her vote no longer counts about whether or not to remove him from the post well… yeah that’s the type of thing that puts hate in your heart. I got expelled from high school, a place full of other fake Christians. 6 years of college and 3 degrees later, I sit here, a 30 year old man still determined to follow my dreams but with the realization that no one has stood in my way more so than myself. And even though I’ve been punked off and screwed over plenty of times, I should have had the courage that so many people believe to have and tell those people to pound salt and go play in traffic while I pursued my dreams for real instead of in a pseudo fashion. Now I’m here, aged 30, and I find myself angry and hardened of heart at many things and many people, but I’m trying to make peace with it, and that’s what I’ve decided most of my writing for this site will be; things that piss me off, make me shake my head with an open mouth and drool down one side, or make me angry enough to have to write the things that will come from me here.

I’m a great lover of women with curves, real football (soccer for you idiots), hockey, and French Cinema. Michael Mann is my favorite director. The Dark Knight is possibly the worst movie EVER made. EVER. I’d like to make an absurd comedy, a great gritty crime drama, and an epic Western before I die. I’m the proud owner of a Lumix gH2 and will endeavor to harbor my artistic spirit more each day instead of miring myself in the banality and mundane day to day of the zombies and the pretenders like the douche bags who created Occupy Buffalo and Western NY. I abhor cigarettes, but love a great cigar and a nice vanilla and amaretto pipe tobacco blend.

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