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There is a reason that our bars remain open until the wee hours of the morning.  The party-goers like yours truly & friends do not stop. Why? Because we can’t. Live your life, because we sure do. Whether you live here, or are being forced here for one obligation or another, these are some great  things to do. You’ll learn that this is devoted to- but not limited to- drinking, and partying in buffalo. I will also cover great things to do on a low budget, because as most of you know I spent the last three years piss broke.

IIf You Are Visiting Us in Winter:
As an ex airport employee I know exactly how many traveling businessmen are forced to land as the winter rears its hideous head at us.  Some of them have to stay for weeks. Well, guys, the good news is… it doesn’t have to suck! Kissing Bridge is only 45 min away and offers fun as hell tubing as well as snowboarding/skiing packages. BEST PART? KB almost always has deals on or other group couponing sites! Once,  I paid $25 for snowboarding rental & 30 min lesson.  So you hate snow, I get that. Sites like & Groupon often have very cheap spa deals too. Treat yourself, You deserve it.  Also, if you’re fortunate enough to visit us during early February, you have to check out The Powder Keg. Thruways shut down, you can sled down the 190 Ramp, drink beer on a snow bank, or get severely lost in an Igloo-styled maze.  Pearl Street Grille has 5 floors and always has great specials for the event, plus their food is psychotically delicious.


II.  If You Are Visiting Us in Summer/You live here and need something to do:
So.. you took my advice and came in summer! Here are a few great things to do, most of it can be done on a low budget! I know I’m awesome.

Thursday At The Harbor: Previously “Thursday At The Square”, holds free summer concerts at the harbor every Thursday. In years past they have had free performances of Dropkick Murphys, Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros, John Ralston, Tokyo Police Club, Better Than Ezra, Jakob Dylan, and many more!

Buffalo Place Rocks The Harbor: Usually runs from Canal Fest Tonawanda through the tail end of summer. Great Concert Series with performances from OAR, The Tragically Hip, and more!

Albright Knox Art Gallery:  Admission to this beautiful gallery is FREE on the first Friday of the month. Have a look around, it’s crazy in there. You take one step in and it’s instant Stendhal Syndrome. Also, free admission for active-duty US Armed Services personnel & their families.

- Kenmore Lanes: Great prices! Sun-Thurs late games are only $1. If you have your own shoes, it’s even cheaper! Their beer specials are pretty hot too!

Artvoice: Well okay, this isn’t a THING to do… but trust me! It’s a great tool for finding local shows, bars, and neighborhood events. They’re FREE and all around buffalo, or you can visit

DUFFS: This is not negotiable, Duffs- it has to be the one on Sheridan Drive, and average dinner is $10. Be Careful, when they say medium they mean hot, and when they say hot they mean they dipped it in lava from a recently active Hawaiian volcano.

- Mighty Taco: Something about their food is a phenomenon in Buffalo, probably has to do with it being delicious!! Most people that visit end up getting some shipped home when they leave.

- 2012 Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts: Occurring in late August this year, over 150 artists gather to sell their unique individual creations. There are plenty other activities, like face painting, plus it’s near all the bars so it’s a great time!

Niawanda Park:  Commonly known as the Tonawanda City Bike Path,  this is a great peaceful place to read. It’s located in the minute city, so it is not over crowded or loud. I don’t suggest sitting too close to the path as there are many fast paced bikers and rollerbladers.

- Niagara Falls (On a Budget- American Side):  This is the side for those of us who don’t have a passport or three hundred dollars to waste. Grab a camera and head for the woods, there are many different openings to secret paths that result in BEAUTIFUL views of the falls. Screw putting quarters in the machine, get as close as they allow you to!

- Niagara Falls (I’m Rich Bitch- Canadian Side): Here is the trick. Find a weird looking bar at the corner of Clifton hill. This is called “The Wild Mushroom” It is a small bar, with normal prices- not jacked up for tourism. Pre-game there, and then head across the street to Boston Pizza. They have these ridiculously amazing drinks that remind me of Jr. Bomb Pops, an arcade, and a few bowling lanes.  I am giddy with joy that such a place exists! Also while youre there be sure to get a milkshake from Hershey’s, lose at least $20 at the casino, and check out some Wax Museums!

- Niagara Falls Gorge: Click Here for more information on great hiking zones. Devils Hole is a difficult but satisfying hike for beginners. I got about halfway down before thinking “Oh Crap! I have to walk back UP this”. There is a spiral stair case, or you can choose to hike it the hard way.  FREE FUN!  FREE WORKOUT!


III.  The Bar Scene:  Where’s The Fun At?
- Elmwood: Each bar on this strip holds many hysterical memories for myself, and countless others who spent their early twenties throwing up somewhere on Elmwood. Cole’s is great for crowds in their early 20’s; Tuesday Ladies’ night is always Jam Packed. It’s a very loud, very fun bar/restaurant! Mr. Goodbar, neighboring Cole’s, brings in a more diverse crowd. I’ve seen many different age groups on several occasions. The best part about this bar, something about the air in it… everyone gets along well! Thirsty Buffalo, JP Bull feathers, Pano’s, are just a fraction of the delicious eateries  available on the Elmwood Strip After Hours. These Bars offer great happy hours, brunch specials, and appetizer specials!

- Allentown: This is always my first choice. This is a great night out for music lovers. Remember earlier when I told you to grab an Artvoice? Most of the time it will lead you here. Every single bar on Allen has a unique factor drawing you back. Gabriel’s Gate for example, has delicious food and named all of their menu items after nearby streets! Allen has also become the home to many of our favorite returning socialites. If you don’t know about the dude who blows bubbles out of his apartment window, now you know why you always see bubbles on Allen. Have you ever had your shoe licked by Shoe Licker? You have to have the full experience for yourself. Don’t eat from the meat pie vendor down there though, they tend to start fights with their customers. There’s a Jim’s Steakout Right on Allen, waiting for you to stumble in.Allentown is great for live music, local bands, drag shows, metal night, and tons of other excuses to get drunk!

- Chippewa: Great for Dancing. Almost every bar on the strip is 21+ now!  Usually pay a $5 cover, and $5 for each watered down drink. The trick is beer. Most bars have bottles for only $2 or pitchers on special.


*Update- 8/14/2012: Suggestions from locals on /r/Buffalo!

My opinion alone is not enough, because there is just so much to do! Check out some cool things to see and do, as suggested by locals on


dthapa1 on Reddit Suggested:
Shakespeare in the park. Darien lake. Countless summer festivals. Niagara on the lake. Letchworth park. Bills/sabres games. Pearl street bar for a game.


jconsumer on Reddit Suggested:
The Eternal Flame.


darkviper039 on Reddit Suggested:
Lasertron in Amherst: Nothing like drinking and laser tag
-They also just added 3 – “9 hole mini golf courses” as well
Its also the busiest and longest running Laser Tag arena in North America!


Infernored2937 on Reddit Suggested:
Jet boat ride in Lewiston is awesome, art park concerts, miss buffalo/moon dance catamaran cruises, going to Erie basin marina for the hatch or a walk, forestlawn tours, Allentown art festival, Italian fest, canal fest, ellicottville for octoberfest and skiing…. I could go on and on. ;)


Eudaimonics on Reddit Suggested:
The free observation deck at City Hall
The Hertal Avenue nightlife district in North Buffalo
I think the naval park deserves some attention


123middlenameismarie on Reddit Suggested:
Darwin Martin House
and Greycliff Estate should be on the list for those interested in architecture. 

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