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Well we could all use a little “Change” and of course here at we are no different. We have updated our look a tad as well as trimmed a bit of the “excess”. As you will notice we are a writer or two light as of late, due to artistic differences. So we are sending a shout out to our fans…..both of you! We are looking for any ready and willing “writers” out there to give it a shot. If you think you have what it takes to be an unprofessional hack like the rest of us here at KYS we are looking for someone who has passion. Passion for their own respective “Scene” whether it be music, cinema, theater, art or anything you feel passion for and would like your voice to be heard or at the very least stylistically overlooked. We ask any hopeful victims, I mean “applicants”  to please send a sample of what you would like to contribute to or message us on facebook. And remember the fate of the world rests on some other poor suckers shoulders.

Open Letters

Open Letter to all you crickets out there

Sherries Hands | Jim Borrasca |

Photo by: Jim Borrasca, Niagara Falls: Fall 2011

Dear Everyone (Except You)

I was a pretty big pissed off bitch in my last post.  Don’t confuse this for an apology, as I am not sorry. When people are obnoxious, I turn into SHE-HULK. I am just going to offset my negativity with a bit of optimism! I should also probably explain why we are offering our new visitors free band/art promotion!

I would like to publicly make my statement of what I hope to accomplish with KYS. When I was first asked to write and promote for this site, I was elated and jumped at the opportunity. I am twenty six years old and have made it through so many hardships in life, and I am legally obsessed with music and art. I want to take the bands, artist, performers  etc. who are struggling to make it, and do free promotion for a few months. It is a great way to increase followers and create interaction. Our blog is set up for questions because with so many different individuals on our staff, we have been through everything. Our site is about everything, if it is your scene and you love it- tell us about it. Browse through our categories, and if something matches your interests, please leave a comment about it. Since we are so new I would even post an article or two about what your scene is and why you love it.  I would love to see an artist grow from a seed into a fucking tree of awesome shit. To create something, is to truly live, and find joy in life. It feels strange to be the beginner of something at my age, but whatever. That is what we are about, we are who we are and we don’t give a shit if you don’t like us. (we mean in real life, please LIKE us on facebook; you won’t be sorry.

Side Note:  I am a grown ass woman, I do not believe in God or Ghosts. For some reason I have to run up the basement stairs like I am being chased by a fucking puma that breathes fire and bullets.

In conclusion, I posted this to explain my mission in life a little better. I am the one who will be doing the promotions and discussions. Send me a message about what you’d like promoted on our facebook. I appreciate art in all forms so please do not be shy. This is a great way to get your name out there, and it helps us create a fun experience for our facebook fan base. With different opinions and tastes from the staff here, our posts and polls often get a bit comical. This site is without a doubt not for the easily offended, but for those who are comical, witty, and as deep as Marianas Trench. I’d accept the band or the landmark. Music has literally saved my life, and I want to share that experience with someone who needs saving. Or someone who doesn’t need saving, but just loves art as much as I do.  I LOVEEEEE gaming, and am looking to start a KYS guild on the MALESTROM server in World of Warcraft.  If these issues do not apply to you, then you may want to discuss punk, pop culture, or rants with Don and Aaron. We are a great source for information, and we have an “ask us anything” section on our Tumblr account.

Sincerely Yours,
The Sea

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Pump That Shit (El-P’s Cancer 4 Cure)

El-P | Cancer 4 Cure | killyourscene.infoMainstream Hip-hop is plagued with conspiracy theories.  If you haven’t heard and need to be filled in, head to your local hood barber shop, ask for a fade, and casually bring up a Jay-Z video you checked out online.  If you’re like me, you’ll throw a little fuel on the fire: “I’m not convinced. Are there other examples?  Can I watch a YouTube video or buy a bootleg DVD that will further explain the connection between our founding fathers and the Jigga man?”  Good luck not being convinced.

What is missing from these theories, other than any clear authoritative voice or a connection between the many unsubstantiated claims, is a compelling reason to give a shit.  So Kanye worships the devil and sacrificed his mother to join the Illuminati?  Big deal!  My iPod isn’t a mega church and I’m not some born again.

Can I get a courtesy flush with all this knowledge [shit] you’re dropping?

Then you have El-P.  Fresh off of a hiatus that followed the death of his label Definitive Jux and his close friend/collaborator Camu Tao, El-Producto is offering up Cancer 4 Cure.
El-P | Cancer 4 Cure

He dedicates this album to Camu who died of cancer in 2008.  It is difficult not to make a connection between the death of his friend and the album’s title.  It points to a dark theme- an overwhelming destruction of life- maybe; a wrench in the machine for better and for worse.  El wrote the following in his blog on September 24, 2009:

“thinking about a friend i lost not long ago. people ask me if I’m going to write a song about it. i   wonder if I’m ever gonna write a song again that’s not about that in some way. these types of things don’t compartmentalize. They just become you.”

Cancer 4 Cure brings the conspiracy theory and the dystopia that is quickly being implemented.  He presents the world from the perspective of a paranoid skeptic and/or cynic.  The final line of the track “True Story” demonstrates El’s ability to both entertain and seriously distrust the powers that be in his lyrics: “Don’t let em Henson me- enter me and control how I twitch. They say the holiest shit until flames around them get lit, then Costanza the crowd of children: kick a baby to live.”  Who else could make a reference to Seinfeld so relevant?  There is also positivity throughout the album.  The worthwhile portions of life are the small protests: refusing to cooperate with authority by rebelling through art, freshness, love, lust, sex, style, drugs, nostalgia, etc.  George Orwell would be proud.

Production from El-P is always on point.  Each track seamlessly connects to the next.  I can’t honestly provide a thought provoking analysis of the beats; for me, music has always buried its nose in the road map while lyrics gripped the wheel.  Lyrically, there is the super duty tough shit that El-P never fails to deliver.  He has dubbed himself the “’Holy fuck, what did he just utter?’ marksman.”  That is, each line is designed for you to rewind it; to not understand it until you see the film he saw, read the book he read, become privy to the meme, or just get your head out of your ass and listen.  Gamers call it “replay value.”

A song by song breakdown would be tedious and El has already provided one via his blog.  I can’t improve upon the artist’s own words.  What I can do is attempt to convince you that there is something here worth checking out.  Though it isn’t his best work (4/5 whatever the fucks), it murders your “Top eight at 8.”   Say you hate rap.  Hate it.  Much of it is awful.  If this is your opinion, I urge you to seek out the serious writers.  Find the emcees that can turn a phrase.  Find the ones with something to say.  Learn the language.  Skip the trip to the beach on a star ship, skip the strip club, leave Jay-Z to tend his pile of money, leave Rick Ross to his imaginary coke sells, just plain fuck Drake and Lil’ Wayne.  Instead, pick up El-P’s Cancer 4 Cure and pump that shit.

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Socks with Sandals…..Ecckkk

Socks with Sandals Ecckkk |

Ecckkk !!!

Socks with sandals; I can’t stand it. It’s potentially friendship ending for me, and if it’s not for you, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Urban Dictionary’s best definition:

A footwear combination worn only by the fashion-challenged.

A very sensible explanation follows:

If it’s hot enough for sandals, it’s too hot to wear socks.

If it’s cold enough to wear socks, it’s too cold for sandals.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a beautiful WNY girl (yes, shockingly, they do exist) in the summer time and she’s got it all; a legit tan, a sexy top, a beautiful figure, maybe some sporty shorts… and then socks with sandals. It is ruinous to the inner workings of a man who appreciates fashion in any sense.

Or how about the ghetto thug, he of the crack house porch and EBT card at the super market or corner store (before of course he gets in dat caddy with da rims).

Then there is the nature of the dude bro and his socks and sandals combo, he of over muscled biceps and deltoids with chicken skinny legs… and the never fail combo of calf high black Nike socks and slip on sandals. He may and usually does accentuate this with either a fitted hat with no bend in the brim or a visor, a shirt that is the color of a healthy vagina, and of course the ultimate dude bro accessory: the livestrong bracelet.

The common excuse for this ultimate fashion abortion is that the person is an ex athlete and used to play sports. Yeah. Payton Manning and Martin Brodeur are lounging around in slip-ons with knee socks. Maybe somebody like Ivan Nova of the Yankees, but baseball is a terrible sport so what else might you expect?


Don’t get me wrong. I have a deep appreciation of socks. They have a place in society, minus anything tie-dyed or the asinine toe sock. They deserve a drawer. If you put oranges in one of them you can tell your wife who’s boss without leaving a bruise. But they don’t go with everything like bacon does.

I also can appreciate sandals, though I usually shy away from them because my feet get achy. I do need a nice pair to walk around my apartment with. I can appreciate comfort, ease of slipping on and off, a gross toenail, a hot waft of foot odor that shrinks an erection into your abdomen.

But they do not mix. Like old men staring at midgets, like gay Jewish psychologists who express themselves through a sexually violated teddy bear, do everyone a favor.

Follow this terrible trend

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Here Kid….. Listen To This (Killed The Fixtion)

Killed the Fixtion

In efforts to promote our site, I ran into this band. I have a great time listening to them, and working with them. Since I’m always right and completely flawless, you should take my advice and give them a listen. Bye Losers!”     – Sherrie Sea  

 Hailing out of New Jersey, formed in 2009 by locals kids who all share the same passion for Heavy Metal, Rock and Roll and Punk Rock. What sets this band apart is the blues undertones infused with hard-driven vocals to form a truly unique sound. Also holding to a simplistic recording ethic the band has recorded most of their tracks live on reel to reel tape to produce yet another layer to the unique intense sound that is Killed The Fixtion or as die-hard fans know them “KTF”. Expect to see this up and coming act in a town near you

This sad bastard has yet to experience "KTF"

Don’t be this kid, be cool. A good way to be cool is to listen to Killed The Fixtion

Jam out like we did- Their YouDude Channel
They’re tweets iz worth readin yo’ Follow dey ass on Twitter @KTFNJ

Named 2012′s “Band On The Verge” by

#1 on 89.5 WSOU’s “L-Cuts”


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