The Misfits made a horror out of Punk Rock!

The Misfits then and now |

So today my colleague Sherrie Sea (who as it must be said does more for this site than I ever fucking have) says to me “Hey around Halloween The Misfits are playing at a local haunted house, we should make it a Killyourscene event!” and of course unbeknownst to her sweet little heart reopened a wound on my still beating punk rock heart. So of course I then made some sort of rude elitist dick-sneeze of a comment and to which she replied “Fuck you I was just trying to do something fun for this piece of shit site” as such is our working relationship. Now out of this quick fleeting funny convo came to me two thoughts. The first was “Piece of shit site” truer words have never been spoken. The second was just hearing the name “The Misfits” just the name of the band on instinct sends a flash of punk rock lore and history that is almost unmatched in the genre. Memories as a young child of watching a shitty black and white VHS tape of early a 1980’s live Halloween performance with Glen Danzig adorned with running skeletal face-paint and something that looked like the tattered remnants of a dollar store skeleton costume. Jerry Only’s Devil lock hairstyle firmly in place as he pounded away on his bass as if beating some hobo to death in a back alley. The out of tune guitars, the sheer speed, the crowd, the way Danzig ran back and forth across the stage, lurching over the teaming audience as if the devil himself giving speech to his congregation. My young still growing mind thought immediately “THIS IS THE GREATEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN”

The Misfits, taking their name from Marilyn Monroe’s final film of the same name were one of the founding members of punk rock they also created a whole subculture of punk known as “Horror Punk” in which they blend the furious tendencies of punk with classic horror movie inspired themes. This was during a time in punk when it wasn’t necessarily about the musical talent, it was about the energy and The Misfits had an energetic stage presence that was rarely seen at the time and not at all today.  The Misfits were the personification of punk rock.

Now fast forward to 2012 after years of an ever changing lineup including the exit of frontman Glen Danzig in 1983 after realizing that he in fact wasn’t a supernatural being sent from hell, or something like that we are left with something of an enigma. Today we see Jerry Only on bass but also as the lead singer, Eric “Chupacabra” Arce formerly of Murphy’s Law on drums and Dez Cadena, former guitarist of Black Flag. This brings me back full circle to Sherries innocent and ultimately great idea but also part of this idea reverberates throughout my mind “Hey Lets go see The Misfits!” And all I can think is “GOD DAMN IT, THAT IS NOT THE GOD DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING MISFITS” Not the band I grew up with. The energy is not there, Crazy assed Danzig is not there. I know things change, bands change I know this. I do not expect everything to stay the same. But do not toss together a few aging punk rock relics together, package them up with leather and a mass amount of hair-gel and call them “The Misfits” I would have absolutely no problem seeing this “Band” if its sole intention wasn’t to play on the lore and love of a band that does not exist, that is Long dead and has been for quite some time.  And before you even fucking say it NO I’m not just one of these people who have to label everything but what I am is someone who sees things for what they are. I see The Misfits official website which includes its “Fiend Store” with Misfits ipod covers, Misfits mouse pad, Misfits blankets and Misfits cinch bags. Like I said, I like to see things for what they are and furthermore for what they are worth and so it would seem my punk rock memories, my “Misfits” are worth a trip to their cinderblock online store and $31.50 plus tax for a piece of shit pleather Misfits  wrist watch. So that being said, join us at our Event  meet some staff members, get molestered in the haunted houses, rock out to “The Misfits” and see me off in the corner somewhere crying for my lost youth.

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Say Anything, Say Nothing, Never Say Never.

Say Anything |

Max Bemis is essentially the core of Say Anything. With ever changing members, the band always holds true to its identity. Coby Linder, the bands long-term drummer has stuck by his bi-polar ass for pretty much all of it. Say Anything made a debut with something that would become a trend to them- a set of albums. “Baseball” & “Baseball But Better”. After that they crafted two self-released EPs — Junior Varsity! & Menorah/Majora.  Along came “Is a real boy” followed by …”Was a real boy”.  Most recent albums include my personal favorite “In Defense of the Genre” and a self-titled “Say Anything”. Max often spews out woes if insecurity and anger, in a twist of lyrics so beautiful and vivid it makes me shake. It’s selfish to say, I didn’t wish him well. I feared that if he overcame his pain, addictions, and depression; he wouldn’t be as dark or beautiful or certainly as talented. So as per usual, I was wrong. Now in 2012, with their new release of “Anarchy My Dear” I am feasting on my words. Max has reached self-actualization at this stage of his life ( i.e: Getting his shit together.) He’s now happily married to a beautiful artist named Sherri (Honestly; Yeah, that does sting a little) and still emits talent. “ – Sherrie Sea: As stated  in my first band of the week feature.
I once heard Max Bemis say outside of a dingy Pittsburgh club, “I’ll spit in the face of anyone who thinks I can sell out.” I knew it that moment, he never would and I found myself imprinted on his band. Until now, that is. I was minding my own business, until I realized that Max’s ridiculous song store is back open. I originally respected the idea of him helping people through their issues with his songs, but after time, it didn’t really sit right with me. Eventually, it came to a dull roar and I didn’t hear much more of it for a short while. Maybe his wedding was expensive- I don’t really know. The problem with it for me, was in his music growing up, I felt what he felt. I related, and I understood. I just don’t know how I feel about “I’m struggling with this problem- write a song about it for me.” It feels like hiring someone to write your resume. It also doesn’t seem like something that is his style, charging people and mass producing emotional songs? I’d rather his music be real and not an assembly line of his fans issues. That being said, despite this little irritating stunt, my heart bleeds for this band and I would sell my soul to have them set foot in Buffalo, NY.


For an interesting conclusion, I travelled back in time to my Myspace Blog. This is what I learned from one of my road trips to see, Say Anything.


“Sherrie and Kelly go to Pittsburgh- Hilarity ensues.

March 25th 2008

6a.m. and I show up at Kelly’s house. She thought I was joking, we’re going to see Say Anything. We got there in some obnoxious amount of time like 5 hours, and had the Hotel from hell. We spent all of our money, had some drinks, met the band, and made some of the best memories of our lives!

Things we learned.

-Despite what the signs say at the border,  we were NOT welcome in Pittsburgh
- Last minute decisions are sometimes the best
- Just because the tree outside of your hotel room resembles something out of the ring, and the bed looks like a rape room,
doesn’t mean that you will be murdered in the middle of the night
- 55mph means 90mph
- Manchester SNOREchestra is a good band.
- Apparently, not everyone in Pittsburgh likes the Buffalo Sabres.
- Bathroom Attendants at Diesel Night Club can sell you cigarettes, tampons, and suckers!
- You can spend every spare penny you have
in a matter of 5 minutes on SAY ANYTHING merch and one drink @ Diesel
- You are the oldest person of 50 people and that is when you’re 22 years old….
- It is possible, though not recommended to pull band members over the gate and into your loving arms
- It is not advisable to ask Max to play songs you know he won’t ever play again (i.e. colorblind)
- It is okay to steal signs, admit it to max, and have him sign said stolen poster
- Parker thinks that we’re is too “out of control” for him, but he’s also the worst.
- No matter what lyrics were read, and what drinks were had. Nobody should ever drunk text this phrase: “I miss your taste in my mouth”
- You should not even for one moment consider taking them up on their offer to go to Philly….
- March 25th 2008 Pittsburgh, Pa – Diesel Night Club

Say Anything / Manchester Orchestra”

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P is for Portman

Natalie Portman in Garden State

P is for Portman Mother-Fucker.

Natalie Portman portrayed a lovable girl with epilepsy, in the Zach Braff film “Garden State”. Sam is first introduced to us in a waiting room, sitting knees to chin, listening to The Shins, and awkward as fuck.  I instantly related to this girl as I’m sure every other girl has at one point. As the story continues you fall wretchedly in love with Sam, her optimism and smile really motivate you to be who you are and be original. In this scene, she is moving and acting bat-shit, because it helps her feel new and “original” again. The life that Portman gives to Sam is undeniably one of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen. By the end of the movie you really have a new perspective on life, and an appreciation for who you are. The reason for bringing up a movie that came out when I was in braces, is because of  the messages and emotions tied into it.

Most of us have been belittled or bullied at some point. Quite frankly, it’s getting to be just straight stupid. Nobody is better than anyone, and that is what I’ll defend with my life. A star exploded and we formed from the dust, believe what you want but that fact is at least scientifically proven. That means that the earth is just as much mine as it is anyone’s. I think it’s time I tell the world that you cannot gain a flower’s beauty by ripping its pedals off.  This post is for the people who put themselves out there, you’re not afraid to get hurt. You try, and when someone makes you feel like garbage, you laugh and try again. You are what moves me. Keep on being strong kid, the world needs more of you.

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Tony Sly: 1970 – 2012

Tony Sly Death |

1970 – 2012

A couple of days ago, a friend told me about the passing of Tony Sly. For those who don’t know, Tony was both the lead singer and primary songwriter for the band No Use For A Name. He has been the heart of the band since he was 18. He was 41 when he died. That’s over 2 decades in the same band.  It’s unbelievable that someone can stay in a band for that long… honestly; it’s amazing to think that anyone can be that committed to anything.
Honestly, ever since I approached Don with this idea that has been the only paragraph I’ve been able to write. I have been at a loss for what to say. At times, I’ve started crying. I have been listening to a lot of No Use for A Name and Tony’s acoustic sets.

Death of Tony From No Use For A Name |

I’ve marveled at his writing prowess. There are so many popular bands out there that don’t hold a candle to what Tony Sly did.
I could write about their music and how they’ve affected every single person I have talked to. I could write about tweets I’ve read from Jon Snodgrass, Joey Cape and Fat Mike (to name a few) about how heartbroken they are because this great person has died. I could write about everyone singing his praises. I could write about the first time I saw them live.. how amazed I was by his stage presence and how disarming and down to earth he seemed… all while being slightly bigger than God.
I could say any of this. I could say all of this. But I won’t. I won’t say it because Tony Sly left us his music. That is his legacy. That is what will keep him around forever. As I write this, my 12 year-old walked in, curious about the band I was listening to. As I handed her a No Use For A Name CD, I smiled. Because.. that’s what punk is about, that’s what Tony was all about, Introducing it to someone else. Hell, that’s what all music is about. And, in the end, that’s all that matters…

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Gaslight Anthem’s Handwritten Reviewed

Gaslight Anthem's new album Handwritten |

Whenever I buy a new CD (and, yeah, I still buy CD’s) I have 2 rules… first is, buy it at an independent record store or from the band (preferably pre-order or day of) and second, to listen to the entire album with no judgment. Usually there are songs that I want to skip over, but I never do the first spin.
There are very few albums that I have called “perfection”. Also few album’s that I would never want to end or albums that I keep in constant rotation for months. Let me tell you about such an album I just bought that did this for me…..
The Gaslight Anthem’s new album entitled “Handwritten”. Every element is present you’ve come to expect from a Gaslight Anthem album. Which are amazing guitar riffs, a raspy voice and absolutely phenomenal lyrics. From the opening riffs of “45” to the end notes of “National Anthem“, Brian Fallon opens his heart and lets it bleed onto the vinyl. He envelops us into his emotions, his loves, his losses. This Album simply put, makes you “want to fall in love with the world” and it’s true. I dare you to listen to the first 5 tracks and not be moved.
I actually wept a bit listening to this album. Same as with their previous effort “The 59 Sound” I like songwriters that seem to speak to the listener. That’s what Brian Fallon does, reveals everything. And it’s incredible.
Some people don’t like Gaslight. And I get it. Music is the most personal experience ever and of course I can’t “force you” to get into a band. But if you haven’t heard them before… give them a try. And if you like it well, Thank me later.

Catch up with Gaslight Anthem as they support this amazing album in a town near you

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