P is for Portman

Natalie Portman in Garden State

P is for Portman Mother-Fucker.

Natalie Portman portrayed a lovable girl with epilepsy, in the Zach Braff film “Garden State”. Sam is first introduced to us in a waiting room, sitting knees to chin, listening to The Shins, and awkward as fuck.  I instantly related to this girl as I’m sure every other girl has at one point. As the story continues you fall wretchedly in love with Sam, her optimism and smile really motivate you to be who you are and be original. In this scene, she is moving and acting bat-shit, because it helps her feel new and “original” again. The life that Portman gives to Sam is undeniably one of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen. By the end of the movie you really have a new perspective on life, and an appreciation for who you are. The reason for bringing up a movie that came out when I was in braces, is because of  the messages and emotions tied into it.

Most of us have been belittled or bullied at some point. Quite frankly, it’s getting to be just straight stupid. Nobody is better than anyone, and that is what I’ll defend with my life. A star exploded and we formed from the dust, believe what you want but that fact is at least scientifically proven. That means that the earth is just as much mine as it is anyone’s. I think it’s time I tell the world that you cannot gain a flower’s beauty by ripping its pedals off.  This post is for the people who put themselves out there, you’re not afraid to get hurt. You try, and when someone makes you feel like garbage, you laugh and try again. You are what moves me. Keep on being strong kid, the world needs more of you.

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