Open Letter to all you crickets out there

Sherries Hands | Jim Borrasca |

Photo by: Jim Borrasca, Niagara Falls: Fall 2011

Dear Everyone (Except You)

I was a pretty big pissed off bitch in my last post.  Don’t confuse this for an apology, as I am not sorry. When people are obnoxious, I turn into SHE-HULK. I am just going to offset my negativity with a bit of optimism! I should also probably explain why we are offering our new visitors free band/art promotion!

I would like to publicly make my statement of what I hope to accomplish with KYS. When I was first asked to write and promote for this site, I was elated and jumped at the opportunity. I am twenty six years old and have made it through so many hardships in life, and I am legally obsessed with music and art. I want to take the bands, artist, performers  etc. who are struggling to make it, and do free promotion for a few months. It is a great way to increase followers and create interaction. Our blog is set up for questions because with so many different individuals on our staff, we have been through everything. Our site is about everything, if it is your scene and you love it- tell us about it. Browse through our categories, and if something matches your interests, please leave a comment about it. Since we are so new I would even post an article or two about what your scene is and why you love it.  I would love to see an artist grow from a seed into a fucking tree of awesome shit. To create something, is to truly live, and find joy in life. It feels strange to be the beginner of something at my age, but whatever. That is what we are about, we are who we are and we don’t give a shit if you don’t like us. (we mean in real life, please LIKE us on facebook; you won’t be sorry.

Side Note:  I am a grown ass woman, I do not believe in God or Ghosts. For some reason I have to run up the basement stairs like I am being chased by a fucking puma that breathes fire and bullets.

In conclusion, I posted this to explain my mission in life a little better. I am the one who will be doing the promotions and discussions. Send me a message about what you’d like promoted on our facebook. I appreciate art in all forms so please do not be shy. This is a great way to get your name out there, and it helps us create a fun experience for our facebook fan base. With different opinions and tastes from the staff here, our posts and polls often get a bit comical. This site is without a doubt not for the easily offended, but for those who are comical, witty, and as deep as Marianas Trench. I’d accept the band or the landmark. Music has literally saved my life, and I want to share that experience with someone who needs saving. Or someone who doesn’t need saving, but just loves art as much as I do.  I LOVEEEEE gaming, and am looking to start a KYS guild on the MALESTROM server in World of Warcraft.  If these issues do not apply to you, then you may want to discuss punk, pop culture, or rants with Don and Aaron. We are a great source for information, and we have an “ask us anything” section on our Tumblr account.

Sincerely Yours,
The Sea

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