New Pennywise album: Coming to a Hottopic near you

Pennywise | Jim LindbergBased on the recent interview in “The Bulletin” apparently Jim Lindberg and Pennywise have been seriously discussing recording a new album together. Contrary to previous clashes with writing styles and working together as a cohesive band, Pennywise does have some demons to expel says former front man Jim Lindberg “We had strayed from what it meant to make music together. It gets harder to go to that well and have it be fruitful collaboration. But I know we can get back to that. We just have to remember what we loved about playing music.” as I’ve seen with many bands in the past, it gets harder once unrealistic expectations escalate to the point where the pressure to function as one starts to tear at the glue that brought the band together in the first place. So that being said we will just have to wait and see, of course the promise of a steady gig and the ensuing payday that would follow should do the trick.



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