Here Kid….. Listen To This (Killed The Fixtion)

Killed the Fixtion

In efforts to promote our site, I ran into this band. I have a great time listening to them, and working with them. Since I’m always right and completely flawless, you should take my advice and give them a listen. Bye Losers!”     – Sherrie Sea  

 Hailing out of New Jersey, formed in 2009 by locals kids who all share the same passion for Heavy Metal, Rock and Roll and Punk Rock. What sets this band apart is the blues undertones infused with hard-driven vocals to form a truly unique sound. Also holding to a simplistic recording ethic the band has recorded most of their tracks live on reel to reel tape to produce yet another layer to the unique intense sound that is Killed The Fixtion or as die-hard fans know them “KTF”. Expect to see this up and coming act in a town near you

This sad bastard has yet to experience "KTF"

Don’t be this kid, be cool. A good way to be cool is to listen to Killed The Fixtion

Jam out like we did- Their YouDude Channel
They’re tweets iz worth readin yo’ Follow dey ass on Twitter @KTFNJ

Named 2012′s “Band On The Verge” by

#1 on 89.5 WSOU’s “L-Cuts”


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