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Gaslight Anthem's new album Handwritten |

Whenever I buy a new CD (and, yeah, I still buy CD’s) I have 2 rules… first is, buy it at an independent record store or from the band (preferably pre-order or day of) and second, to listen to the entire album with no judgment. Usually there are songs that I want to skip over, but I never do the first spin.
There are very few albums that I have called “perfection”. Also few album’s that I would never want to end or albums that I keep in constant rotation for months. Let me tell you about such an album I just bought that did this for me…..
The Gaslight Anthem’s new album entitled “Handwritten”. Every element is present you’ve come to expect from a Gaslight Anthem album. Which are amazing guitar riffs, a raspy voice and absolutely phenomenal lyrics. From the opening riffs of “45” to the end notes of “National Anthem“, Brian Fallon opens his heart and lets it bleed onto the vinyl. He envelops us into his emotions, his loves, his losses. This Album simply put, makes you “want to fall in love with the world” and it’s true. I dare you to listen to the first 5 tracks and not be moved.
I actually wept a bit listening to this album. Same as with their previous effort “The 59 Sound” I like songwriters that seem to speak to the listener. That’s what Brian Fallon does, reveals everything. And it’s incredible.
Some people don’t like Gaslight. And I get it. Music is the most personal experience ever and of course I can’t “force you” to get into a band. But if you haven’t heard them before… give them a try. And if you like it well, Thank me later.

Catch up with Gaslight Anthem as they support this amazing album in a town near you

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