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Well we could all use a little “Change” and of course here at we are no different. We have updated our look a tad as well as trimmed a bit of the “excess”. As you will notice we are a writer or two light as of late, due to artistic differences. So we are sending a shout out to our fans…..both of you! We are looking for any ready and willing “writers” out there to give it a shot. If you think you have what it takes to be an unprofessional hack like the rest of us here at KYS we are looking for someone who has passion. Passion for their own respective “Scene” whether it be music, cinema, theater, art or anything you feel passion for and would like your voice to be heard or at the very least stylistically overlooked. We ask any hopeful victims, I mean “applicants”  to please send a sample of what you would like to contribute to or message us on facebook. And remember the fate of the world rests on some other poor suckers shoulders.

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