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“Off With Their Heads” are streaming their new album due out March 12th Here …….enjoy! oh and make sure to pre-order this little album of punk goodness


The Return of Nine Inch Nails and other interesting stories

Oh LA Times, so so many ovaries are thanking you for this photo right now. Sorry about this fangirl moment but… do you see those arms? Men and Women everywhere want to climb Trent Reznor like a tree. I’ll have to stop there because I can only assume my father will read this; we don’t need to traumatize anyone today.

Plus, there are so much cooler things to talk about than the perfection that is Reznor, like the fact that he recently announced a revamped 2013-2014 tour, with Nine Inch Nails.

Holy crap! I remember shedding tears at the news that there would never be another NIN show. It felt like Christmas morning when you realize you didn’t get what you wanted most. Now, with this news- it feels like Christmas morning, when you realize your parents tricked you and they actually hid the awesome gift you wanted! They straight played with your emotions and let you ride the emotional rollercoaster to hell- but with an awesome outcome.

Louis C.K. says you should only use the word awesome if it actually is awesome. He has a point; you can’t outdo yourself on words. By Louis C.K. logic… if you say that your dinner was awesome, then what hell are you going to say when you read the article on

Nine Inch Nails has always been a revolving door of band mates, much like my beloved Say Anything. An anthology of group mates, with one original piece. NIN is what you make it, and I’m totally fine with that.

The new lineup includes Eric Avery of Jane’s Addiction, Adrian Belew, and Josh Eustis. What the fuck did I just read? Did a unicorn just piss on my computer screen and form words?

I don’t know but I’ll take it. In the article, The LA Times cover a note from Trent himself.

I was working with Adrian Belew on some musical ideas, which led to some discussion on performing, which led to some beard-scratching, which (many steps later) led to the decision to re-think the idea of what Nine Inch Nails could be, and the idea of playing a show. Calls were made to some friends, lots of new ideas were discussed, and a show was booked — which led to another, which somehow led to a lot of shows.” – TR (Courtesy of

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New Pennywise album: Coming to a Hottopic near you

Pennywise | Jim LindbergBased on the recent interview in “The Bulletin” apparently Jim Lindberg and Pennywise have been seriously discussing recording a new album together. Contrary to previous clashes with writing styles and working together as a cohesive band, Pennywise does have some demons to expel says former front man Jim Lindberg “We had strayed from what it meant to make music together. It gets harder to go to that well and have it be fruitful collaboration. But I know we can get back to that. We just have to remember what we loved about playing music.” as I’ve seen with many bands in the past, it gets harder once unrealistic expectations escalate to the point where the pressure to function as one starts to tear at the glue that brought the band together in the first place. So that being said we will just have to wait and see, of course the promise of a steady gig and the ensuing payday that would follow should do the trick.



Fall Out Boy Reunion: Eyeliner sales skyrocket

So the morbidly flamboyant pop-punk outfit “Fall Out Boy” have just announced on their Tumblr page an extended reunion to the dismay of true pop-punk fans everywhere. All this along with news of the release of their newest album “Save Rock and Roll” which is obviously a plea for some other capable band to step in and save the tattered state Rock and main stream music is in currently.

Fall Out Boy Reunion | service announcement: We do not condone the wearing of fedoras, skin-tight belly-shirt hoodies and random posing with hands half tucked into your jeans.

Stay with us at as we will be bringing you late breaking eyeliner sales totals in ensuing months.

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All My Friends Are Enemies: Early Rarities

Say Anything | All My Friends Are Enemies: Early RaritiesVarious bands, directors, and writers often use the title “Say Anything” for their projects. Above any other venture, this group of assholes truly lives up to this name. Though the band was named for the 80’s film, we like to think that it is because the band will say and do anything they feel passionate about- despite anyone trying to tell them otherwise. Which, believe me they have. When your lyrics contain phrases like “bathe me in your body fluids”- it is bound to upset a few people.


Say Anything | Info-Graph | killyourscene.infoJust a few months after I illustrated signs of an incoming sell-out – the band has me feasting on my post. Max Bemis cooked my blog for dinner, sprinkled it with ‘Proved-You-Wrong’ seasoning, and fed it to me on a silver platter. You’ll never see me admit this again, but I was wrong.


Of course, he did not sell out! How could I let my faith be shaken so easily? It makes sense now… they were working on this. The best gift to give their die-hard fans is this album. The recently released album, All My Friends Are Enemies: Early Rarities, collects tracks from Max’s early years. This collection contains songs that members of the band personally told me- Bemis never wanted to play again. These songs come from the early stages of SA, which were not exactly easy on any of them.

For those of you just joining us in the Say Anything pit of despair, this is his best shit. For starters, the title comes from an early song itself- All My Friends.

AMF is perhaps, one of their most emotionally moving songs, because in it Bemis is no stranger to vulnerability.

I’m the ball- they’re batters. They’re climbing social ladders- I’m left at the bottom”.

This man was in pain, and I understood it. I understood it from a few bars of his voice, an angelic voice with a demonic edge when the emotions get strong. I believe I speak for many SA fans when I say “we understood him the most when we heard these songs.”  When you look back and realize that Max was just a teenager when he wrote these songs- it makes you cringe- in a good way.

Even though we have had access to some of these songs, and have been raping our ears with them for a decade-, we cannot wait to play this album into the ground.


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