Wolfpack are a three piece punk rock band hailing from the mean streets of Melbourne with members coming from bands such as Sin City, Halfmast and Screaming Queens. If you’ve seen a show you’ll know it’s a dynamite live show driven by belting vocals, intense riffs & a turbo charged rhythm section. They’ve supported bands such as The Business (UK), The Casualties (US), Guttermouth (US), British India, The Go Set, The New Christs, Cockfight ShootOut, Digger & The Pussycats, Wild Turkey. Tom took the time to have a chat with me yesterday and this is what he had to say.

So what’s happening in your world right now?

Wolfpack have just undergone a major line-up change with our old singer moving from Melbourne back to Adelaide. I used to do a lot of back-ups and wrote half of the lyrics so we just kept those songs and I made the natural move to lead singer, it is bloody hard work playing drums and singing though. The revised line-up actually had our first show last week and it went down even better than before so good times indeed.


How long have you guys been playing and how did you meet?

Wolfpack has only been going since October last year but we’ve already played about 30 shows and done a national tour.
Josh, our guitarist and I have played together in 3 other bands before (Sin City, Screaming Queens & Lowdown) and always enjoy working with each other so it was logical as soon as he got back from holidays in the states (and with Sin City still on long service leave!) that we fire up again. Kane the bass player we know from our home-town Perth, luckily he is living in Melbourne now (he also plays in a cool hardcore band called Halfmast, check ‘em out) and anyone who has seen him play will know exactly why he was the only choice for us, the guy is a fucking demon.


Why the name, what does it mean?

Wolfpack sums it up nicely: we aren’t in it to make money or conquer the world but we are really damn serious about being the best band we can be and also with being really strong friends prior to the band the concept of a pack of wolves where it is about everyone’s happiness, strength, stability and enjoyment fits well. Plus we are all horror movie fiends so it sets the tone for our dark lyrical themes.


Where do see the band in 5 years time?

Still digging the absolute shit out of ripping it up live and doing whatever it takes to make sure people who come out and see us get their $10 worth. We are all punters first and foremost, that is why we started playing instruments after being influenced as kids growing up going to punk gigs so for us it is all about playing live and we really value everyone taking the time to come to see us. So fuck yeah we will bleed, sweat and play so hard that we spew or pass out, fucking whatever, to ensure the crew are entertained and we can keep doing this fucking fun, touring and rocking thing.


What shows are coming up that you’re playing at?

Saturday 10th March at The Retreat, Brunswick (VIC). Free.
Saturday 17th March at The Pot, Belconnen (ACT). Entry by donation.
Sunday 18th March at The Community Cup, Henson Park in Marrickville (NSW). All-ages, entry by donation (to Reclink) with Front End Loader & Frenzal Rhomb.
Friday 23rd March at The Den, Inglewood (WA).
Saturday 24th March at Prince Of Wales, Bunbury (WA). Free.
Sunday 25th March at Newport, Fremantle (WA). Free.
Friday 13th April at Pony Bar (late show), Melbourne (VIC). Free.
Saturday 28th April at The Corner, Richmond (VIC) supporting UK punk legends The Exploited.


Any albums, ep’s released or coming out?

We’ll be recording some stuff in April that will come out as a benefit release in June for The Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne who do awesome work over here for our four legged friends.


Who is you’re fav band you’ve shared the stage with, so far?

It is out of The Casualties and The Business but please don’t make me pick outta those two, we are good mates with both bands and anyone who has seen how hard they rock will know it is not only too tough a call to make but also one we’d be doing at quite possibly our own peril. Ha, Ha!


Got just one good story you care to share?

I got a bit carried away at the end of this gig one night and was doing the ‘smashing head into cymbal’ trick but clearly the adrenalin was pumping a lot more than I realized and I had actually hit a wing nut on top of one of my stands and busted my head open BIG time. Anyways I sometimes do the old ‘mangina’ trick, especially if the crew are having a particularly loose one which everyone was up until I made my way to the front of the stage, tucked my member between my legs and then wondered why everyone was so disgusted? Because you are covered, head to toe, “Carrie” style in blood you idiot. Fucking gross and MY Bad.


What about an embarrassing one?

Pretty sure the ending to the above story where I pass out back-stage from blood loss and get taken to the hospital to get 13 staples in my head after epically failing at being a rock star counts as embarrassing yeah?


What do you guys mainly sing about?

We’re wolves obviously but also some social commentary, I studied politics at Murdoch and am still disgusted everyday by the attitudes prevalent not just in society but also our local community and even punk scene. So yeah things that piss me off will get sung about, I still don’t get why females get treated like shit at punk shows. I thought punks had a belief system but apparently this no longer applies when they are in their own surroundings and wanna score. I also didn’t realize racism was acceptable if you put it in the form of a joke. My bad… I don’t think so. Stop being fucking bigots and if you think I am being too staunch with what I say then please come up and discuss it with me over a cider at a show. Always up for a good chat, debate, argument or fight and don’t mind which it ends up being as long as people think their own thoughts and stand up for what they believe in. For me I believe the day we stop caring about our surroundings and trying to make this world a better place to live in is the day punk fails… Your round eh bro?


Most people don’t like to be fit into a genre, but if you had to place your music in a CD shop, where would you put it?

Right between Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. Anyone who picks up their CD and not one by an independent Australian act is clearly the fucking enemy… Attack Attack!


Got any shout outs you want to give?

If you haven’t seen or heard these Australian acts then please do so now: Australian Kingswood Factory, The Tearaways, The Bennies, Ramshackle Army, The Go Set, Chainsaw Hookers, Speedlab, Blazin Entrails, Halfmast, Admiral Ackbars Dishonourable Discharge, Last Call, Murderballs, Intoxica, Wild Turkey, Foot Soldier, Project Mayhem, Kamikaze, Backseat Romeos, Fluffy, Shit Magnet, The Devil Rides Out, Day Of The Dead, Glenn & The Peanut Buttermen, The Worst, The Scam, Digger & The Pussycats, Clowns, Where’s Grover, Road Ratz, Workinghorse Irons, RUST, Topnovil, Warbrain, Common Thread, The Un-Australians, Last Of The Good Men, Crooked Face, Plan Of Attack, No Idea, The Half Pints, Death By Deathray, The Mercy Kills, Dixon Cider, Liquor Snatch, Spew n Guts, Shadow League, Between The Wars, Hits, Double Black and The Toot Toot Toots. Thank YOU.




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