Strawberry Fist Cake

Strawberry Fist Cake

Who want’s some strawberry fist cake!? I love this band name and when I heard their pirate song, boy did I loose my shit. I was onto them right away and now I’m ready to spread them around like an STD… This drunk punk band from Melbourne are making a name for themselves in the punk scene and it’s all down hill from here, for you…



So, what’s up, who are ya!?

Fronting this gang of miscreants is Krunchy McSlutFace the third, around mainly for her yelling, scotch guzzling and occasional singing. Shredding the lead stringed thingy with occasional yelling duties and kazoo play is the one and only Count Om-J DeFistar. In charge of smashing, banging and vagina’s (sometimes all three at once) is the exotic Mademoiselle Crazy LeFist. Then there is the talented jerk, violating his topsy-turvy over-stringed rumbly doodah, Monsieur Kynny SaFisted.
We’ve been rock’n’n’rollin’ in this incarnation since our first show in February 2012.


Any one signed ya yet?

Not technically, we released the current E.P through Aussie independent label “Valenteen Records”, because there a nice bunch of people who wanted to help us out, but there’s always room for growth so if anyone from Fat Wreck Chords, Hellcat, Kung Fu etc are reading this please be a nice bunch of people and sign us up. We’re happy to use bribery in the form of sexual favors from Crazy.


What started the band?

The destruction and demise of another band 3 of us were in, it’s a long story! Plus we realized we’re all stupid in the same way, like a threesome with four people….the perfect combination.


How did you guys meet?

The Melbourne punk scene is a small place my friend, everyone knows everyone and everyone was way too drunk to remember when and where they first met! I’m drunk right now…Wait what was the question again?


Where do you think you’ll end up?

Ah DEAD! At some point! In the mean time we’ll try and boldly take this band where no band has gone before.


What shows are coming up that you’re playing at?

Nov 18 at Ruby’s (Belgrave) with the best psychobilly band in New Zealand Dick Dynamite & The Doppelgangers, The Flangipanis (QLD), The Murderballs & Free World ( )
Nov 19 at Punk-A-Billy Festival (Barleycorn Hotel Collingwood) ( )
Nov 26 at The Eastern Station Hotel (Ballarat) with Bat Foot (NSW), The Worthingtons & No Ones Home
Dec 09 at Blutile Lounge (Fitzroy) with Dogsday, The Murderballs and the best Psychobilly band in Australia The Bombardiers.


Any albums, ep’s released or coming out?

We have an EP out titled “We’re Not Angry, Just Disappointed!” It was released originally for our Australian tour with Japanese punks The Jet Boys, we surprisingly sold out of the first press, so repressed it with a whole new cover making the original now a collectors item. haha! We also have a live album that we’re in the process of mixing, so hopefully there’ll be a new one out early 2012.


Where can people buy them, besides at shows?

Your best to get them at shows now or send us a message on our facespace. It’ll save you the hassle of calling every record store trying find out who still has it. I think Cafe On Albert in East Melbourne still has some, go there and buy it, they’ve got heaps of radtastical CD’s from local and Aussie punk and psycho bands.


Any video clips online?

We’ve got 2 official clips, Pirate Song? ( ) filmed by the rad crew at Bewilder Films and Punk Drunk ( ), which was pieced together by Om-J from remaining pieces of footage and photos from the last 8 months of our career. There’s also a whole bunch of live footage posted up by fans, just do a “Strawberry Fist Cake” search on YouTube.


Got a story you want to share?

We’re in a movie….. that’s right it’s called “Sado” and it should be out soon on bewilder Films!!! They’re making another movie soon aswell and we’re gonna be in that!!! While filming Sado we got to work and record with the infamous John Clifford White who did the sound track for Romper Stomper!!! We did all this before we even played a single show!!!
The moral to this story is….We’re fuckin’ Awesome!!! …. and kids….don’t play with guns!


What do you guys mainly sing about, and why do you sing about that?

Drinking, Punks, Zombies & Pirates, because we’re one giant cliche. Oh and lesbians!


What would you say your style is?

We definitely fit into the punk genre but we tend to cross every sub genre with in it from piratey celtic to balls to the floor, even rock’n’roll. If you like Tom Green you’ll love us!


Is anyone in any other bands?

Crazy also plays for The Bombing Angels and Kynny fiddles his thing with The Murderballs.


Got any shout outs guys?

Everyone we love already know who they are and got a mention in the CD cover, so if you wanna know who we love and who does shit for us, buy the damn CD, then we’ll love you for buying it!


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