Mung, what a funny name… As a programmer myself, this name actually means Modified Until No Good, however this band is doesn’t seem to be that at all, Mung hail from a small pocket in the corner of Sydney with infectious energy, funky riffs and dance-able beats. Their unique brand of party influenced rock will force you to, as they say, get “up, and down and all around.” If they dont make you want to dance, then it is because you dont know how to.

So what’s happening in your world right now?

Brad – Searching for new opportunities, getting real theatrical, constructing props, jamming. The worlds very colourful at the moment.
Hosty – My worldly focus is currently divided between University (I’m currently a jazz/english major at the University of New South Wales) and the band I play in; Mung. The majority of my time is spent either writing music for myself/the band, or on expanding my knowledge of composition and theory to benefit myself as a musician, and to better my capacity for understanding music so I can write stronger songs for the band.


How long have you guys been playing and how did you meet?

Brad – We’ve been together as a band for about 750 earth days, we all met in school, and our synth player Matt, at Joel’s college. He joined in July last year.

Hosty – Mung is currently3 years old, having started roughly a year after having graduating from Year 12 in 2008. We met through school, initially making acquaintances but retaining our preferred crowds, but over time became a collective group; a combination of all sorts of people.


Why the name, what does it mean?

Brad – Mak and I were recording a demo of one of our first 1 minute songs, I managed to gibberish out the word mung, and it stuck. Its a good one syllable blob of a word, Im guessing we all have different meanings for it.

Hosty – Mung is almost a throwaway name, but functions well on so many levels as a band name despite that. Our singer, Brad and guitarist Mak used to write songs jam together as a sort of casual thing. When faced with the ‘what do we call ourselves?’ moment, were suggested it from a close friend who heard the name in a recording of one of Brad and Mak’s early songs. At that point ‘Mung’ was more so a sound than a discernible word. Something a Frog in a swamp who spoke with an Indian accent would say.


Where do see the band in 5 years time?

Brad – Playing big shows, big day out, working hard

Hosty – I don’t want to sound delusional haha, but I see Mung going all the way. Whether we will is a different question, but I don’t see any point pursuing a creative career unless you are going strive towards being in the best position you can think of as an artist or whatever you would like to call it. Specifically, I see us releasing a full-length album within the next five years, expanding our fan-base as well as refining, defining and exploring music and the sounds we can extract from it and then call our own.


What shows are coming up that you’re playing at?

Brad – Going on tour April, southcoast, canberra, wollongong, sydney. I’m looking forward to all the shows really.
been working on blocking out the hour long annoying yells that plague the van on the way to and from. We’ll send through the dates to be included with this.


Any albums, ep’s released or coming out?

Brad – The Underground single will be recorded and released soon, a few new songs and some merch with it, as well as our tour to promote it.

Hosty – We have an unreleased demo of about 14 songs. It’s a pretty wide mix and alot of the songs were recorded with all kinds of different equipment so the sound overall varies. We also have an EP out called ‘Dark Disco Love Funk’ which we released last year. It is a very raw sounding mix of songs. A simple rock and roll set up; drums, bass, guitar and vocals. It explores elements of grunge, funk, disco, rap, and rock and is pretty tiring to listen to yet play haha.

Our more recent recordings, of which two have been released Sexual Tortoise and Isolated K(live only) are a big step for us. With the introduction of our fifth member Matt, who plays synthesizer, we’ve been given this new very diverse element to work in and around our sound. Expect our new EP is coming out later this year!


Any video clips online we can check out?

Brad – Theres a few, but we’re working on something bigger and definatly better within a month or two.
you’ll probably die its that exciting. Last year we released a video clip for Organ dance, the first song on our Dark Disco Love Funk Ep, we gathered around 20 gruesome looking volunteers from sydneys Zombie march and got eaten alive on a Grassy hill in front of a fortified train line, had a barbeque, good afternoon

Hosty – We have a WHOLE bunch of clips online. Some have had alot of thought put into them, e.g. our first ‘official’ music video entitled ‘The Cat & the Bird’ – basically we create a ridiculous story and get our friends to dress up and act in it. It’s the story of an evil cat and four birds who end up battling, but lookout when you watch it for there is a twist!!!!

Who is you’re fav band you’ve shared the stage with, so far?

Brad – Ooo, I really can’t choose one, probably Lovers Jump Creek, Cuervo and The Fires.

Hosty – We’ve played with a fair amount of bands. I can only speak for myself in which my most enjoyed experience live was with a band from wollongong called Thomas Covenant. They’re a wild punk rock band who are just exciting as all hell to watch and play with. It’s like an amalgamation of the beatles with the sex pistols. Insane energy with good craft. We’ve also played with the Choirboys (RUN TO PARADISE). Which was quite a great experience to play with such an iconic Australian band.


Got just one good story you care to share?

Brad – arrr, one of our organised, nice family band photoshoots led to an all out Battle Royale,
people got trodden on, dogpiled, thrusted against, karate chopped and Joel almost got knocked out by the camera.


What about an embarrassing one?

….. (You don’t want to know)


What do you guys mainly sing about?

Brad – Fruit, animals, bitches, time, conflicts, relationships…

Hosty – Alot of songs start with ‘joke’ lyrics. Often we are just trying to make each other laugh and have a good time – don’t put too much thought into it I say! haha. Most of the lyrics that we start off with often get changed; singing throwaway lines is a great way to quickly form a melody because you aren’t so much focused on what you’re singing, just who you’re singing to! But, to answer the question we tend to write stories that both reflect on ourselves and others.


Most people don’t like to be fit into a genre, but if you had to place your music in a CD shop, where would you put it?

Brad – Alternative? (funk, rock, metal, rap, electro)

Hosty – The bargain bin! where all the best music is found. My honest response is to put it in the alternative section. Unless you’re a band like AC/DC you can’t really staple a single genre on it; there are no ‘pure’ forms of music anymore, everything is a mixing pot in someway or another.


Is anyone in any other bands, are those bands similar in style?

Brad – Nah we’re all faithful.

Hosty – We all have a style of writing and in a way our individual styles of composing, although are very different bare some similarities to Mung’s music. The greatest thing about being in a band is that you are doing something you can’t do on your own. There are 5 people in our and we all have an equal voice; an equal contribution. I love that Mung isn’t just 5 individuals but 5 individuals working, creating, comprimising all for the sake of ourselves and each other as well as the people who enjoy us. It’s warm and comforting knowing you belong to something of that nature.


Got any shout outs you want to give?

Brad – Thanks everyone who comes to our shows, friends, fans and family. We very lucky to have a solid fanbase and an artistic community to allow us to do what we want to do. OH, and EVERYONE, we’re not rotating around a stationary sun, we’re following it as it plumets through space





30 – Nowra Youth Centre, Nowra – 6pm – AA
w/Lovers Jump Creek, Delinquent, Lost in Verona and Latham’s Grip

5 – Annandale Hotel, Sydney – 7:30pm – 18+
w/Earth 2 Audio, The Dirty Earth, Mordechai & Dinkibike

6 – Yours and Owls, Wollongong – 7pm – 18+
w/Rough Church(USA), The Maze & others

14 – PJ Oreillys, Canberra – 8pm – 18+
w/Escape Syndrome, Point of View, The Glaciers, Pete Akhurst

20 – Penshurst RSL, Sydney – 7pm – 18+
w/No Headroom, No Further Questions & others

27 – Liverpool PCYC, Sydney – 6pm – AA
w/Far Away Stables & others