Hard Desire - Hard Desire

Hard Desire – Hard Desire (ROCK)

Track one of the self-title album from Brazilian rock band Hard Desire starts with the question, ‘do you really think rock and roll is dead?’ This is aptly followed by the sound of a mobile ringtone. Perhaps it is a symbol of an age where we are so absorbed in our handheld devices, that music, or at least the music of last century is dying.

Fear not, venturing midway into the first track of this album, you can feel reassured – rock and roll is alive and well, and it’s straight from Juiz De Fora.

Hard Desire take metal down a notch, and back to its most primal roots. 80s power chords are supplied by Felipe Rosa, and combined with the gritty vocals of De Montiero and bassist Thiago Fernandes to create only the sexiest blues rock fusion. Hard Desire’s intention it seems, is not to take listeners back to a simpler time, when this was the music to listen to, but instead to bring listeners a form of music that transcends time itself.

Combining true rock music with honky tonk blues, Hard Desire’s self-titled album really is biker bar meets Hendrix in the late night California heat. An album that invites you in, hands you a shot of whiskey and a cigarette, this is an album to come home to.

The self-titled rock metal album from this band of Brazilians will make you buy those cowboy boots you always wanted, hit on the guy or girl across the bar who you thought was out of your league. This album will give you a pair, and then some.
Hard Desire indeed.