Crown The Empire

Crown The Empire

Hey Josh here and today i had a chat with the guys from Crown The Empire, a Hardcore band from Dallas, Texas.

How long have you guys been playing tunes as a band?

The Band started in September of 2010 while we were still in highschool. We officially put everything together with this lineup in September 2011.


What started the bands?

It all started as Brandon and Austin decided to start jamming together. We wanted to be heavier than the bands from our area, but we still wanted to bring huge, poppy choruses to a genre that can become pretty stale.


How did you guys meet?

The original members of the band (Andrew, Austin, Hayden, and Brandon) All went to high school together. Bennett and Brent were found through YouTube videos. We basically put this band together with the intentions of finding the most talented musicians around who all shared the same work ethic and dream of being the biggest band in our genre one day.


Where do you think you’ll end up?

The goal of our band is the same as any other. We want to be the biggest in our genre across the world.


What shows are coming up that you’re playing at?

Unsilent Night IV at Centennial Park in Dallas. We’re playing with Attack Attack, We Came As Romans, and a lot of other acts.


Any albums, ep’s released or coming out?

Our Debut EP – Limitless – just came out and is available on iTunes now.


Have you been around the country yet?

We’ve done 1 tour this past summer with The Paramedic and Call it Karma. It was presented by Amp Magazine. We’re going to be on some HUGE tours next year. We’re definitely very excited.


Got a good story you want to share?

We definitely have a good story. When we were on our last tour we played in long island, right outside of NYC. Well half of the band wanted to go to a party with this bartender they met at the gig, while the other half wanted to go sleep in the hotel in the city. We didn’t want to have to pay the RIDICULOUS tolls to get a trailer in and out of NYC so we decided to go ahead and detach the trailer in a parking lot, and I (Andrew) thought that the guys who were going to sleep back out in Long Island knew that they should go pick up the trailer so they don’t leave it in that parking lot all night… I assumed too much. The next day we wake up to a frantic phone call from the guys out on the island telling us that the trailer is gone. There’s no note for a towing company, and for about 45 minutes we are certain the Trailer was stolen. It wasn’t until we called every tow truck company in Long Island that we find the place that took a trailer the night before, and 300 dollars and 4 hours later, we were back on the road…


What about an embarrassing one?

Hayden fell over on stage… Straight onto his back.


What do you guys mainly sing about?

We called the EP Limitless because we try to remind people that they can do whatever they want. We write about the experiences that we go through; mainly the terrible ones. But we always take another track to remind people there’s nothing that can truly stop you. We also just write stories that we think have a cool plot or idea.


What would you say your style is?

Arena Rock Hardcore. Heavy breakdowns, Poppy Verses, and Huge concert ready Choruses


Andrew Velasquez – Vocals
Hayden Tree – Bass
Brandon Hoover – Guitar
Bennett Vogelman – Guitar
Brent Taddie – Drums
Austin Duncan – Keys