New World Murder

BerserkerfoX – New World Murder (METAL)

New World Murder from scream rockers BerserkerfoX knows no bounds. A true example of death and thrash metal, the four track EP brings the band to new levels of loud.

Starting off slowly, their first track ‘Inviare De Vedas’ unfolds from late night whiskey bar acoustic, to what I can only imagine is the feeling of having a foreign organism invade your head and rip it open from the inside. Brains splattered everywhere.

A band not to be contained, BerserkerfoX are relentless, and savagely pillage through each track, giving their audience only seconds of reprieve at each song’s introduction.

New World Murder is an EP that really needs to be experienced to properly understand the band’s vision. Once listened to, audiences will understand that this EP is pure destruction in audio format. A true self-destruction that is only further intensified by the band’s lyrical panoply of a sick, damaged, and corrupted world.

New World Murder by BerserkerfoX will not let you rest until it devours you whole.


New World Murder is available via the band on bandcamp.
Distribution by Ovis Records (Norway):