Asleep In The Light

Asleep In The Light

Asleep in the Light are Christians who aren’t afraid to wear their faith on their sleeves. Formed in 2010, much time went into developing the distinctive sound that would give them their identity.

So what’s happening in your world right now?

over the last two months we have a massive line up change, due to this we have been practicing heaps. We have a new drummer and new guitarist. Our old drummer tim was intergral part of our band and was there from the beginnning, so we have had to make a few adjustments as you can imagine, But are now moving forwarrd stronger than ever. Out of this we are writing some new songs, faster and more passionate, can’t wait to show them to everyone.


How long have you guys been playing and how did you meet?

We have been together for around 2 years now, Jolan, Monty and I have been for friends for a while and having worked with tim in the past it just came together.


Why the name, what does it mean?

There was this rad gospel type singer in 70′s called keith green and he had a song called “asleep in the light” and we just kinda thought it sounded pretty cool for a band name.


Where do see the band in 5 years time?

Hopefully with a full length album, some substianal tours under belts and we would love to of played with august burns red and some other mad bands.


What shows are coming up that you’re playing at?

we are playing 2 shows on the queensland leg of the creations tour and in april we are playing easterfest with plea for purging from the states.


Any albums, ep’s released or coming out?

we released our debut EP back in november 2011, it’s a 6 track EP that we recorded with sonny truelove on the central coast early last year.


Any video clips online we can check out?

not right now, but we are filming a video clip very soon, keen an eye out.


Who is you’re fav band you’ve shared the stage with, so far?

We recently played with dropbears (WA) and armada in the dusk(QLD) they were fun to play with. A Vast Hope were rad dudes as well.


Got just one good story you care to share?

not really any specific, we do all skate together as band, which is pretty rad. Infact when we first met our new drummer matt he had a cast on his wrist from bailing off his board, which meant for the first little while we had to trust that he was a good as he said he was.


What about an embarrassing one?

not anything crazy we want to mention, but nico has ripped at least 3 pairs of jeans during our set, resulting in not the type of show we were expecting.


What do you guys mainly sing about?

All the members in our band are christians so naturally our songs are about God or our experiences with God, I guess we write about what means the most to us.


Most people don’t like to be fit into a genre, but if you had to place your music in a CD shop, where would you put it?

if there was a metalcore section, we would most likely fit in there. but i would put us next to johnny cash if i could.


Is anyone in any other bands, are those bands similar in style?

nah, but one day we might bring out some side projects.

Got any shout outs you want to give?

our boys in creations and all our fans.



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