A Dead Silence

A Dead Silence

What you know about technical deathcore?! A Dead Silence are the band from Adelaide that you need to know right now in the deathcore scene, they’re killing it for sure and this Sunday, they’ll be playing All Shall Perish! Check that shit out!


How long have you guys been playing tunes as a band?

A Dead Silence has been playing tunes for around three years now! after having various lineup changes, we feel that we are currently at our strongest!


What started the band?

A Dead Silence was formed from Adelaide in 2008 under the name “McGowan Street Murder”. after a few shows, founding members; Jordan (Drums) and Nathan (Guitar) decided both a lineup change, name change, and a style change; creating A Dead Silence.

Since then, myself (Bass), Marty (Guitar) and most recently, our new vocalist Mitch have been added to the lineup.


So, how did you guys meet?

We all met through friends, shows and various bands that we had been a part of.


Where do you’ll think you’ll end up?

Honestly, we don’t know… all we can say is that we would love to keep writing, recording and releasing music, and touring Australia. apart from that, one day travel overseas to Europe, Asia and the United States.


What shows are coming up that you’re playing at?

Our next show is our last show for 2011, and it is this coming sunday at the Adelaide UNI Bar in support of All Shall Perish (USA), also on the lineup are our good friends- Far West Battlefront, our Label buddies Graveyards and local newcomers; Armed With Integrity.


Any albums, ep’s released or coming out?

For the most part of this year we were pre-producing songs and constantly pushing our limits in terms of our writing process and song structure. since then, we entered Studio Bloksgaard around August/September with Kyle Bloksgaard to record our Debut EP ‘Catharsis’. Since we entered the studio, we unfortunately suffered our most recent lineup change when our now ex Vocalist; Heath decided that he no longer wanted to be part of the band. after we received the unfortunate news, we decided to fill the vocalist spot as quickly as we could, but we also decided to try something different by not announcing that Heath had left the band. after a few weeks talking to and auditioning various vocalists, we welcomed Mitch Clarke into our band, and since then he has Recorded Vocals to our tracks, and will be making his debut with A Dead Silence this Sunday w/ All Shall Perish.


Any video clips online?

We do have some live clips on youtube, just search “A Dead Silence Adelaide” or “A Dead Silence Band”


Who is your fav band that you’ve shared the stage with?

This question is a tough one. apart from shows that we play with friends bands, our last few shows have all amazing because the bands we played with were/are bands that we look up too and or have been listening to for years or bands that we are constantly talk about. Over the last three months, we have supported Suicide Silence at Fowlers Live, MyChildren MyBride in VIC and SA, The Amity Affliction and Asking Alexandria at Adelaides Thebarton Theater and most recently; The Contortionist at Adelaides ‘New Underground’.


Got a good story you want to share?

We recently played a show to a few thousand kids in support of The Amity Affliction (AUS), Asking Alexandria (UK) and Skyway (AUS) as a part of the ‘Fuck The Reaper’ tour. That would have to be the biggest and best show that we have ever played. the crowd was amazing, the sound was amazing and just the way the show was run was mind blowing. it was such a great feeling to get a taste of how the big timers do it.


What about an embarrassing one?

Whilst travelling between states for shows with MyChildren MyBride (USA) and For All Eternity (NSW), we decided to skip certain fuel stops, this was a bad idea as we ended up running out of fuel at the last petrol stop which was in fact closed… we waited a total of 8 hours in the freezing cold, huddled up to each other in an eight seater van before the fuel station opened it’s doors.


What do you guys mainly sing about?

All of the lyrics on our Debut EP ‘Catharsis’ are about both life and world issues (Ie: Terrorism, Religious Arguments ect) and were written by our Ex Vocalists ‘Ricky’ and ‘Heath’, both guys still remain great friends of ours. We decided to keep the lyrics that both of the guys had written for the songs chosen because they appeal to each and every member of this band (including current members).


What would you say your style is?

The style of Metal that we play would probably come across to critics as something stupid like ‘Progressive- Melodic- Technical- Death-core’, but we like to skip technicalities and just label ourselves as Technical Death-core. We believe that our style of Technical Death-core is unique as we are all influenced by many different acts and styles/genera’s of music, therefore we incorporate these styles in our own sound, and we don’t try to copy anything else.
we enjoy writing music that is ‘A Dead Silence’


Is anyone in any other bands?

Mitch also sings for a Deathcore band called Within My Hands.
- www.facebook.com/withinmyhands


Got any shout outs guys?

Check out our good friends from Far West Battlefront and The Storm Picturesque as both bands have recorded amazing albums that will be coming out in 2012. Also, thanks to Mike Porcaro at Halo Music Group for taking us under his wing, Cam and Kyle at Northern Lights Touring for the constant advice, as well as anyone who has come to a show, bought our merch, given us advice and or kind words, given us a place to crash whilst on the road, bought any of us a beer, and to everyone who has ever promoted us, spread the word about us and helped us out in any other way, shape or form.


Contact/Booking details:

Cameron Eyre
Northern Lights Touring / Artist Management

Mike Porcaro.
Halo Music Group / Booking Agent.

Or Contact The Band Directly.