Gentlemens Agreement Release New Video


A Gentleman’s Agreement have released a brand new video clip to go along with their brand new track: ‘NoBody’

Forming in late 2012, these guys have earned themselves a rep amongst the local scene as a hard working group through there constant gigging and performances.

In March 2013 they released their debut EP ‘A Well Dressed Pig’ which got radio play both nationally and internationally whilst cementing in their sound as A Gentlemen’ s Agreement.
On top of all that the guys were also featured in Blunt Magazine.

You can now download ‘NoBody’ now on iTunes
or watch the clip below




Sienna Skies Release New Song & Tour Details

The Guys from Sienna Skies have just released the third single “Nothing Different” from their upcoming album titled “Seasons” which is due for Release on the 29th of this month

You can check out the track below.

To coincide with the album release, the guys will be hitting the roads in Australia on the ‘Seasons across the nation tour’ with special guests Glorified & Polaris, crossing 5 states and featuring a AA show in every capital city.
You can also Pre-Order the album from HERE





Voyager release their fifth album – V


Perception can go either way when an Australian band chooses to crowdfund their album, it seems to bring out the best in fans, and the worst in haters. Voyager’s fans won out this time, with the band reaching $18,874 AUD (their goal was $10,000) within three days, it’s pretty obvious the outfit have a keen following, and with good reason.

Voyager is not your usual domestic fare. The Progressive Metal outfit was founded by Daniel ‘Toothgap” Estrin – an international University of Western Australia student studying law at the time, former keyboardist Mark Baker, and former drummer Adam Bovkis. To say Voyager has been busy since then is an understatement. With four studio albums, several line-up changes – including Bovkis and Baker, international album releases and tours, it’s sufficient to say that the past fifteen years have seen the band hit new highs with each release.

Simply called “V”, Voyager’s fifth studio album is very easy on the ears. The band explores the Electro side of Progressive Metal without overpowering the powerful and impressive Prog riffs, provided by Simone Dow and Scott Kay. Estrin’s LeBon meets Townsend-esque 80s tone provides a fine finish, and features an expansive range and versatility. Tracks such as “Breaking Down” and “A Beautiful Mistake” are the pure essence of Prog Metal, with tight riffs by Dow and Kay, even tighter drums by Ashley Doodkorte, and a hauntingly beautiful vocal showcase by Estrin. On the flip side, tracks like “Orpheus”, “Hyperventilating” and “The Morning Light” tread lightly into Electro territory, with “Orpheus” also adding some deep growling vox to the mix. “V” is a showcase of exceptional Prog talent, and a boon for the Australian Metal scene.

If you plan on supporting the Aussie Progressive scene, start your collection with Voyager – V. They’re part of the current wave of crowdfunded musical projects, and a cut above at the same time. “V” will be physically released on June 2 in Australia (Bandcamp), and UK (Code 7), June 3 in North America (Nightmare Records) and June 27 in Europe (MBM). The album was released digitally on June 2. Standout tracks include: “Hyperventilating”, “A Beautiful Mistake”, “Orpheus”, “Peacekeeper”, and “You The Shallow”.

Standout tracks include: “Hyperventilating”, “A Beautiful Mistake”, “Orpheus”, “Peacekeeper”, and “You The Shallow”.


Voyager will be touring nationally to launch their fifth studio album “V” on the following dates: July 4 – ANU Bar, Canberra ACT July 5 – The Factory Floor, Sydney NSW July 11 – The Brightside, Brisbane QLD July 12, The Workers Club, Fitzroy VIC July 19, Enigma Bar, Adelaide SA July 26, Amplifier Bar, Perth WA


The difference a year makes: Trophy Eyes emerge as a powerful entity.


In just under a year since their inception, Sydney band Trophy Eyes have blown away audiences with a rapid rise to fame across Australia. Within a twelve-month timespan, this band has transformed from the local Newcastle scene to playing one of the nation’s biggest music festivals, Soundwave, alongside major U.S acts Greenday, Avenged Sevenfold, Alice In Chains and A Day To Remember.


Influenced by a range of diverse punk-rock artists spanning from Such Gold, Touche and Worthwhile to Blink-182 and NOFX, this Newcastle five-piece began for the most part as friends from high school, who wanted to ‘mix up’ a homogenised music scene. Lead vocalist John Floreani says at the time of the band’s beginnings, the music scene in Sydney was ‘flooded’.


“Everything we heard was the same, or done before and we wanted to write something respectable and new,” Floreani says.


With a sea of stagnant acts repeating a stock-standard sound, Trophy Eyes took note of the rare bands within their local community that shone with ‘creativity and a drive to just push real music’. Soon after that, the band followed suit and began an original music journey themselves.


In 2013, the band released their highly successful album, Everything Goes Away. Reaching #30 on Short Fast Loud’s best releases of 2013 via fan votes in the first few months of release, the album was not only a hit within the industry, but won over a large proportion of new and interested listeners, many on social media platforms.


Despite the wave of online appreciation, the band remains humbled, opting for an ‘organic’ approach to gaining exposure at every turn. Having recently completed an east coast ‘Everything Goes Away Tour’, the band retains that live performances is one of the best ways to get their music across to their audiences, as it provides both a personal touch with listeners, where they can gain a sense of the band’s atmosphere, while returning a word of mouth exposure.


As for an online presence, Trophy Eyes say although they appreciate the support, the band strives to ‘keep things as natural as possible’. With minimal hype of their own music, the band concludes that no listener likes to be spammed or bugged by the bands they enjoy.


It was perhaps this organic connection with their listeners that landed the band a place on the Sydney leg of Australia’s Soundwave festival this year. Through a competition with Triple J Unearthed, the band landed themselves a place in one of the few allocated slots to local bands. Upon hearing the news, singer Floreani said the experience has been ‘unreal’.


“It was incredible. I screamed and jumped around the lounge room in my girlfriends house kind of holding hands and forming a kind of ecstatic two person screaming circle. I know Cal (drums) would have blasted Enema Of The State [by Blink 182], (he seems to do that with good news), Jeremy (bassist) would have lost it pretty hard and everyone just freaked out. We couldn’t believe it,” Floreani says.


Post-Soundwave, the band is riding their wave of success, and bringing along others beside them as the name Trophy Eyes spreads across Australian shorelines. Floreani’s final message to the fans is not one of self-promotion, but instead encouragement for fans to support emerging local acts – particularly bands Thesis and Braves, who supported the band on their Everything Goes Away tour this February.


[Australian and New Zealand bands] all doing some awesome stuff in the music world, and it’d be worth your time to check them out… Get on it, and support Australian music, Floreani says.


To find more information about Trophy Eyes, head to the band’s official Facebook or Triple J Unearthed profile.


To listen to a copy of Everything Goes Away, click the link <here>.


Small town Unbroken Expanse follows big dreams.


From the outback plains of Australia’s Northern Territory comes groove rock group Unbroken Expanse. Having just completed a November/December nation-wide Born Of The Dirt tour, this country-born phenomenon is sweeping across the nation in a whirlwind of success. Their latest self-titled EP, released in September 2013, is shaping up to take Australia by storm.


Upon their inception as a band in 2007, Unbroken Expanse have broke free of any inhibitions restricting their exposure as a band. Having come from the small town of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, the band knew they must work especially hard to position themselves within the mainstream punk rock business– a feat that in just under seven years of operation, the band can now boast as an achievement of theirs.


Touring has been a gateway for Unbroken Expanse to connect with listeners across states and territories across Australia, and gain a significant following in a short amount of time. Embarking on tours of neighbouring towns and states, totaling over one hundred shows overall, and their most recent ‘Born of The Dirt’ tour has all led to opportunities previously unattainable in their small town of 3000 people. The determination to get their music across to fans has led to major performance attributes, including rubbing shoulders with big names British India, Frenzal Rhomb and The Living End, which has only added to the band’s status as an upcoming player within the rock industry.


Alongside numerous tours, the band also uses social media to interact with their fans across the country. With over a thousand people connected to Unbroken Expanse via Facebook, and a great deal more through music streaming and internet radio stations, it is inspiring to see this small-town band make it big through their versatility both throughout their touring performances, but also within an online spectrum.


Unbroken Expanse takes parts of everyday life, transforming their experiences upon the road into aggressive punk rock for their fans to enjoy. The band lists its interests as ‘Life in all its most positive forms’, which is an interesting turn considering the anarchistic rock and roll basis from which the band derives. Nevertheless, inspiration stems from experience, and as “books, films, Footy, travelling, The Ocean, and The Desert” shape the way in which the band operates, the positive notions are inheritably passed down from artist to listener through the power of musical performance.


Arguably, the only downside to Unbroken Expanse’s latest release is that there isn’t more of it. The EP itself holds five tracks, and although each track incorporates a range of diverse stylistic elements within the metal spectrum, fans retain a desire to hear more of the band’s work. In time, Unbroken Expanse will broaden their horizons to larger quantities of music produced, but for now quality is paramount to the Tennant Creek quartet.


The band’s self-titled EP serves as a testament to the dedication, time and energy put in to make small dreams become a large reality. This band from the outback plains has created something extraordinary, and will no doubt continue to do so in future years.


You can find more information on Unbroken Expanse via the band’s official Facebook page or Triple J Unearthed profile.


To purchase a copy of Unbroken Expanse’s EP, click the link <here>.

Domino – Where The Desert Meets The Sea (ROCK)

Domino - Pioneer Studio shoot_compressedI had the pleasure of seeing Domino for the first time at the Australia Day Extravaganza held at the new Valve Bar at Sydney’s Agincourt. While there I immediately jumped at the chance to review the band’s first full length album Where The Desert Meets The Sea, a follow up to their 2007 debut EP Shadows and Dust.

The Sydney based outfit started out in 2004 as a duo formed by singer Erica Bowron and guitarist Simon Owen. Since then they have evolved into a four-piece spreading what the band describes as “Arabesque Progressive Rock”.

Where The Desert Meets The Sea will captivate listeners with its middle eastern tones mixed with unmistakably Prog riffs. Bowron’s vocals are strong Rock one moment, and hauntingly ethereal the next, with a definite Skunk Anansie vibe. This album traverses the mind’s eye of the listener and provides a vast panoply of ageless imagery.

Each track on this album has a life force of its own. Karsilama will surprise listeners with its late night Noir Blues breakdown in the middle that succeeds in showcasing not only Bowron’s vocals but the band’s versatility. Here In The Sky brings to mind Arabian desert campfires and gypsy caravans, while Dead Man Waltzing is a throwback to late nineties and early 2000′s Progressive and Alt Rock with its slow burning riffs and emotion. The instrumentals on Where The Desert Meets The Sea are nothing less than majestic and are reminiscent of The Tea Party’s Transmission era built upon a distinctively Progressive foundation.

Standout tracks include: My Opiate, Karsilama, The Pirate Man, and Dead Man Waltzing.

Domino will be playing upstairs the Valve on March 21st. Don’t miss it!

Domino – Caravan

A Lonely Crowd – Transients (ROCK)

A Lonely CrowdMelbourne based four-piece A Lonely Crowd are keeping Prog Rock alive and well in Australia’s music hub with the release of their second album Transients. A follow up to their 2011 debut User Hostile, Transients is easy on the ears, and yet characterises the slightly off-centre.

Since their entrance onto Australia’s music scene, A Lonely Crowd have emphasised their belief in evolving according to the ever changing musical climate, and their commitment to their own style of Progressive. It is clear from listening to their latest offering, and the band’s recently signing with Birds Robe Records (sleepmakeswaves, The Red Paintings, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, The Nerve) last year that this ideology has served them well.

Transients is a pleasant surprise for Australian Progressive, allowing subtle sub-styling to evolve and ebb and flow in the listener’s consciousness. My favourite song on this album is not the single. While ‘Blur’ is a great demonstration of female-fronted Prog, my favourite track on this album is Blows & Arrows. This song is a great showcase of vocalist Xen Havales’ versatility, and gives Transients a slightly Bluesy flavour.

Guitarist Luke Ansell mixes it up with acoustic melodies throughout, giving the album a Folk softness with tracks such as Inspector, and Sound Tripper which is simplistic and slow, with a lullaby like arpeggio that evolves into pure energy. Meanwhile, tracks like Kamikaze Karma and Voodoo Tube provide the enigmatic and complex riffs and beats that Progressive is known for.

To go into detail about each track on Transients is to deprive the listener of the pleasure of the experience. All I can say is that this album doesn’t reserve the best tracks for the first half, and comes from a band that obviously likes showcasing the details.

Standout tracks include Godamnesia, Rapture, Blows & Arrows, and Seeing Stars.




Classik Nawu’s unique and experimental release: This is “So Tight”.


888003945807.170x170-75 Picture source: Classik Nawu’s iTunes profile.

From humble beginnings in the suburbs of Brisbane comes experimental hip-hop fusion band Classik NawuThis unique blend of RnB, hip hop, funk, reggae, and jazz has sparked an ever-growing following across Australia, leading to an east coast interstate tour throughout 2013 to promote the recent release of the band’s latest single, “So Tight”. 


Classik Nawu shares a long history of music that shaped a desire for formation at an early stage of life. Growing up, the members of the band began their music career from a past in gospel choirs as children. Furthermore, musical ties passed down through family members shaped the experiences and influences that the band now utilises today. Having been surrounded by recording equipment and studios for the duration of their childhood, music was considered as a ‘way of life’ for each of the members that now comprise the band today. 


Beginning officially in 2010, the group formed as a garage band as three of the boys practiced their skills on a small-scale setting. Four years on from that point, Classik Nawu has progressed as an established player within the hip-hop and reggae industry in Australia. Despite the mounting success, the group agrees that the transition from a garage band to more seasoned musicians is still a journey that the band is undertaking. 


When questioned on how the band has progressed over the years, Classik Nawu put their success down to both dedication and the need for exposure in both an individual and group setting. 


“I guess it boils down to hard work, a lot of practice, and playing a lot of shows. You have to take criticism on board and always look to make your performance as a band and yourself as an individual artist better every time you play,” the band says. 


Classik Nawu says that much of the energy to constantly improve on their music stems from their musical influences. By listening to a wide range of both classic and modern musicians ranging from Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers to Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Phil A Dae, Bruno Mars and Trey Songz, the band can grow whilst still retaining their signature sound. Having listened to a range of diverse stylistic and genre influences, Classik Nawu is able to incorporate a wide range of music to create the funk/Latin/reggae/hip-hop fusion that the band is known best for. 


This fusion is encapsulated not only within the single “So Tight”, but also within the band’s earlier work, namely within the 2012 debut EP, “Hipfunkfresh”. The band says that each of their releases is experimental and the style is tailored to each individual song. For “So Tight”, the band spent a two months working on the perfect combination for their soulful release. 


“We just sort of experiment as we write a song and if it works with the song that’s what we will play,” the band says. 


For 2014, the band plans to take their uniquely experimental music on tour to showcase to eager fans across the nation. With hopes for both a local and national tour this year, and ideas circulating for an international tour for the next, Classik Nawu are shaping up to be dominant players not only in the Australian music industry, but the world over. 


To keep updated about the latest information about the band, visit the official Facebook page here


To download a copy of “So Tight” click the purchase link here. 

Red Bee Tour Dates and the ‘Ictus Deluxe USB’


The time is near. A time when if you haven’t heard of Red Bee, then you might need to bang a few airholes out of that rock you’re living under.

The Tech, Punk, Metal, Rock outfit are back with the ‘Ictus Deluxe Edition’ USB. What the fuck you ask? Basically, it’s a funky new edition of Red Bee’s awesome debut album packed with extra goodies (extra tracks, artwork, high-res band photos and more) for fans and shoved onto a nifty looking USB card.


Since the 2009 release of their debut EP , Red Bee have been making waves in Australia’s underground music scene, and have taken the bull by the horns yet again to create the special edition of their outstanding debut album ‘Ictus’. If you’re still unsure, feel free to check out my original review of their album.

To support the release, Red Bee are playing the following shows, and having witnessed their energy and raw talent at 2013′s Dead of Winter Festival, I highly recommend that you get yourself away from your computer and get your ass to one of their shows. Seriously, try it – it’s way better than sitting at home drinking alone.

Tour Dates:

Thursday 9/1/14: The Beergarden, Surfers Paradise QLD
Friday 10/1/14: Lismore Uni Bar, Lismore NSW
Saturday 26/1/14: Agincourt Hotel, Sydney, NSW

To contact Red Bee and check out the ‘Ictus Deluxe Edition’ USB:

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